Study Shows Celebrity Obsession Could Lead to Low Cognitive Function

A recent study has caught the internet by storm and has a lot of people worried. The study has produced interesting results and has also been the talk of the town for a lot of people on the internet. People have started assessing themselves and have become a bit more aware of what may happen.

It’s Not All That

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A study authored by Lynn E. McCutcheon,Zsolt Demetrovics, and Ágnes Zsila has used about 1,700 Hungarian adults as their subjects. The participants took a 30-word vocabulary exam and a digit symbol substitution test to assess their fluid intelligence during the study. Additionally, the researchers obtained information on the individuals’ self-esteem, family income, material prosperity, and educational level.

Big Results or Big News?

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After adding in the demographic and socioeconomic factors, the researchers discovered that people with high Celebrity Attitude Scale ratings performed worse on the two cognitive tests. The study’s authors, who published their findings in BMC Psychology, said:

“We found a weak tendency for those who showed the strongest admiration for their favorite celebrity to have lower cognitive skills, suggesting that the earlier results were not due just to chance.

With these results bringing out a lot of awareness and news since its release, this is still up for debate and changes. There are many other ways to go about loving our favorite celebrities but let’s try to keep ourselves in check every now and again.







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