Student Turns Selfies into NFT’s As a Joke, Accidentally Winds Up A Millionaire

People nowadays are coming up with tons of ways to make money and all of that at the comfort of staying at their homes. While this may be difficult for some, this student has tried his hand at it and has achieved success in the most unique of ways.

It Started As A

For five years, a 22 year old Indonesian named Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali took pictures of himself practically every day. Each photo he took  is almost identical to one another as he is staring into the camera with a rather expressionless look.

Going Strong

From when he started his journey up until now, the student had expressed to the media that putting up his pictures to NFT’s was a joke. He did not expect that the pictures would go for much or anything at all.

Make sure you find out more about how he got his earnings through this “joke” of his through the video right here.






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