Student Mistaken for a Primark Employee After Buying a $400 Jacket

A lot of people want to look their best and would do a lot to do so. In the same case, this student goes the extra mile and buys himself an expensive jacket but that completely backfires on him.

A New Sense of Style

The student took it to TikTok and showed how similar his outfit was to a Primark employee uniform. He had purchased the expensive jacket from North Face but has received countless remarks from people if he was indeed a Primark employee.

Getting The Full Experience

The TikToker had also mentioned that he had visited a nearby Primark. To his expectation, a random lady had tapped his shoulder and asked him if he worked in the store. He then laughed and explained what he was doing and had a good laugh all throughout. This student certainly knows how to have a good time even with some odds against him.

Check out this video of him showing it off here and maybe you could see the resemblance as well.


#duet with @connorcundale my Primark coat walked so this new one could run ❤️ #fyp #foryoupage #thenorthface #viraltiktok

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