Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date Announced by Netflix

The long wait is over as fans have been rewarded for the patience. Netflix and the series itself has announced the release date for the upcoming season 4 of the hit series Stranger Things. With waiting through a harsh pandemic, it was nothing short of one of the episodes of the series, fans can now rejoice with this highly anticipated news!

More to Come

The series had put up a Twitter account where they posted updates on when the new season would be released. These updates were made up of images that were connected to one of the ending scenes in the last season while providing fans a lot more mystery to anticipate.

Coming Soon

Netflix and the series have decided to release the new season on two separate dates. No doubt, to increase the anticipation and fan base, but it will still hold huge numbers of viewers. It is set to release on May 27 and the second part on July 1.

Be sure to check out the trailers of the series right here and be in awe while waiting for the season 4 premiere!