The Final Boss of ‘Stranger Things’ Might Be Closer Than You Think

Fans have been fixated on what season five of Stranger Things might possibly involve ever since the fourth season came to an end.

The Duffer brothers have already stated that season five will probably be shorter and won’t presumably be expanding the cast of the show. Vecna certainly appears to be set up to be the series’ last antagonist, but this most recent idea raises the possibility that this may not be the case.

Fan Theory

Using TikTok, user demi kujiperss put forth a theory that, in my opinion, is glaringly obvious yet has thus far gone unnoticed.

As I previously stated, Vecna appears to be set up to be the main antagonist given that he has authority over the Demogorgons, Demodogs, Demobats, and Mindflayer from the Upside Down.

Vecna isn’t the strongest antagonist in Dungeons & Dragons, as Demi notes, which is directly related to the series’ villain mythos.

The most potent antagonist is actually the red dragon named Borys, and in an early season four episode, Will actually paints a red dragon with three heads. Coincidence? I disagree. Take a look at the theory below.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m sure. Given his history with the upside-down, Will also appeared to be quite attached to the picture.

Personally, I believe Eddie will make a comeback as well, just not in the way you might anticipate. The release of season five is probably going to be delayed for a number of years. People, keep coming up with theories until then.