Stranger Things 5 in Progress of Production After Success of Season 4

Now that Stranger Things season 4 is in full swing, many people are curious about what will happen after it before the release of season 4 volume 2. Will there be any more seasons beyond the forthcoming two episodes, or not?

More to Come

The fourth season of Stranger Things is not the final one. Season 5 of Stranger Things is in development, according to a Feb. 2022 announcement from Netflix and the Duffers. Even more recently, the show’s creators have hinted at what may happen in the upcoming season.

What to Expect

The Duffers predicted that viewers wouldn’t have to wait nearly three more years for season 5. They claim that we will discover more about the Upside Down’s past and tales. They also hinted that a time jump might occur to make up for the cast growing up, but that may just be a possibility.

Since production and filming were delayed because of the pandemic, it’s expected for things to run more smoothly when it comes to season 5 of the series. Regardless of when it would come, it’s expected that fans and viewers would be in for more shocking moments, and maybe a few tears along the way.