Storylines to Offer Option to Live at Sea Forever

It may sound like a dream, and an unlikely one at that, to go on a cruise for the rest of your life. However, renouncing land life in favor of a maritime one is now more feasible than ever.

The Vessel

By 2024, cruise line Storylines will debut the MV Narrative, a massive ship with 547 completely equipped rooms that may be rented or purchased. It will be a 741-foot ship.

All Access

The trip will undoubtedly be luxurious with its upscale spas, movie theater, yoga sun deck, cutting-edge workout facility, and art studio. God forbid, it even has a bowling alley. However, because it is a “residential community at sea,” facilities like a library, bank, post office, and school will also be there.

The Real Deal claims that since 2002, The World has provided residential living. A lifestyle that is all-inclusive is also offered by other cruise lines, like Utopia and Victoria Cruises. According to Travel and Leisure, the MV Narrative’s current listing price ranges from $1 million to $8 million for an outright purchase, with a select few 24-year leases starting at $600,000, or around $25,000 per year.