Son Ends Up Looking Like Mr. Burns After Haircut Goes Wrong

Nathaniel Glennen, a 12-year-old boy who wanted a haircut modeled after Gargamel, the villainous wizard from The Smurfs, turned to his mother Johanna Clark for advice. The mother’s decision to give her son a haircut that made him resemble Mr. Burns from The Simpsons had the internet in fits of laughter.

A Pleasant Surprise

He was shocked to discover that his 34-year-old mother’s excellent work had made him resemble the well-known Simpsons character. Although Johanna from Bendigo, Victoria, says his new “do attracts a lot of funny looks,” she’s delighted he has a chance to express himself because it has made him popular at school.

Simply Loving It

Despite losing his golden, curly hair, the 12-year-old couldn’t be happier with his new hairstyle and said he had no plans to change his out-of-the-ordinary appearance anytime soon.

Be sure you check out the video of it right here!