Snoop Dogg Joins Cast of Upcoming Vampire Hunter Movie

In the latest Netflix action comedy, Jamie Foxx plays a working-class dad who risks his life to kill evil vampires in order to survive L.A.’s high cost of living. J.J. Perry is making his directing debut. Alongside Foxx, Snopp Dogg will also have quite the role in this one.

Tell Us More

The official summary of Day Shift describes Jamie Foxx as a diligent worker whose only goal is to make enough money to give his smart and brilliant daughter a good life. But it soon becomes clear that his unassuming and somewhat dull pool cleaning job in the San Fernando Valley is only a front for the way he actually makes money.

Prominent Roles in the Making

It is unknown if Scott Adkins and Snoop Dogg will be playing vampires or fellow vampire hunters because neither of their roles have been made public. We would really like the pair as the ravenous vampires that would prove to be a match for Jamie Foxx’s formidable vampire hunter, though, based on Adkins’ evil roles in Doctor Strange and Snoop Dogg’s 2001 movie, Bones.

Make sure you check out the trailer of it right here!



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