Skyrim Tops The Gaming Charts Again Since 2017

Video games had a quiet month in May. Skyrim was one of the top 20 games in terms of dollar sales in the United States, despite its slowness. According to The NPD Group’s monthly report, game sales fell 19 percent year over year to $3.7 billion, the lowest monthly total since February 2020.

Still Something Positive

It’s a big achievement following the spike in game spending during pandemic-related lockdowns. One key cause is the lack of large-scale new games.

On the Way to the Top

After falling to No. 2 in April to LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Elden Ring was the best-selling game in May, and it continues to be the best-selling game this year. This month, LEGO Star Wars fell to second place, followed by Nintendo Switch Sports.

While Bethesda hasn’t come up with a lot of new video games just yet, there is still much more to look forward to in the coming years. With Starfield’s gameplay revealed, it would be only a matter of time before more news comes out regarding the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout game.