Skittles Claimed to be Unsafe According to Recent Lawsuit

According to a recent lawsuit, Skittles are dangerous to eat. The case, which was first covered by CNN, asserts that titanium dioxide, a “known toxin,” was used in the production of the vibrant candy that everyone loves.

Bad for You

According to reports, Mars announced its intention to remove the ingredient from its goods in 2016. The lawsuit asserts that Mars is still utilizing it. And according to reports, France has prohibited the substance since 2019.

Making Sure

Since May 2021, the chemical compound has been deemed unsafe by the European Food Safety Authority. And with that, it would seem that a safe option would be to follow suit.

The California candy manufacturer voluntarily recalled many of its goods, including skittles, in May of last year when it was discovered that some of them contained incredibly fine metal shavings.



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