Since the Trial, Johnny Depp Begins Working on First Movie

Johnny Depp has landed in Paris, where filming for the upcoming historical drama from French director Maiwenn is about to start. Depp’s role as Louis XV of France in Maiwenn’s movie was made public earlier this year, and it is the first motion picture Depp has worked on since his well-known defamation victory.

An Upcoming Project

On June 27, the actor arrived in Paris and was met by security who led him to his hotel. According to Metro, Maiwenn’s movie, which is currently titled Jeanne du Barry on IMDb, will shoot during the upcoming three months at the Palace of Versailles and other locations in and around Paris.

Taking on Something New

And while Depp is getting ready to play a brand-new part, Captain Jack Sparrow is one character whose shoes we won’t be seeing him fill anytime soon.

Depp appeared to affirm this week that he won’t ever make another appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.



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