Shrek has Been Adapted Into a Horror Film, and It’s Terrifying

Are you ready for your childhood to be ruined? If so, a director who transformed Shrek into a horror flick has you covered.

Shrek is an Ogre, right?

Andy Chen, a filmmaker and YouTuber, reimagined the beloved children’s movie with his love interest Fiona as the central character rather than Mike Myers’ grumpy green ogre. But if you were expecting the animated Fiona’s smiling green face, don’t hold your breath.

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Despite the fact that throughout the course of his four films, we all came to know and love Shrek, the ogre initially portrayed himself as a scary beast, mostly so he could be left to live his life in peace.

But when he ends up teaming up with Donkey and is sent on a quest to find the princess in the tower, we discover that ogres, like onions, have layers and he is actually not all that evil.

But you won’t want to stick around and continue to reveal the layers after witnessing Fiona.

The spooky new version of the movie, which has an age restriction on YouTube, was fully released last month on Chen’s locustgarden channel after the unsettling teaser initially stoked interest in its arrival.

Princess Fiona asks, “What did Princess Fiona do during all those years locked in her castle?” in what is referred to as a “fan film based on the characters and legend of Shrek.”

In contrast to Rapunzel in Tangled, Chen’s Fiona depicts what happens when a knight sent to save the princess learns about her secret identity before escaping the tower.

The entire movie is only four minutes long, yet it is all that is required to depict Fiona’s change into a horrific, man-eating ogre and the terror she inflicts upon the knight who is present while the event takes place.

Sof Puchley, a three-time award-winning actor and director, portrays human Fiona, and Maddi Estrada, who plays the fearsome ogre Fiona, can be seen hanging on Chen’s Instagram page.

Dakota Daulby portrays the poor prince who tries his hardest to escape.

While Fiona may be one of the most terrifying movies for moviegoers, Chen’s YouTube account locustgarden is full of other horror movies and videos, like Close Your Eyes.

Chen has won numerous festival awards for the movie, including best horror at the Venice Shorts festival in 2021. It tells the story of a man who learns his roommate’s terrifying secret.