Seth Rogen Shares Experiences He Had with Cops Who Watched “Super Bad”

In the movie, which he also co-wrote with Evan Goldberg, Rogen played Officer Michaels, one of the police officers who ultimately decides to take McLovin on a joyride after he is attacked while trying to buy booze. Seth Rogen claims that after seeing his film Superbad, some police officers told him they decided to pursue a career in law enforcement.

What Happens

Evidently, some people missed that point, as Rogen said in an interview with Vanity Fair honoring Superbad’s 15th anniversary that several police officers have credited the film for inspiring their decision to join the force.

The Influence

You may get an idea of how horrible that is if you’ve watched the movie Superbad, where Slater and Michaels overlook crimes, put their police cruiser on fire, and shoot at the ensuing debris. The fact that police officers told Rogen they entered law enforcement as a result of seeing Superbad, according to Rogen, was “horrifying.”

It’s really difficult to disagree with him, especially since he co-wrote the movie and played one of the cops, so if anyone’s qualified to make a judgment on this, it’s him. He said: “What’s horrifying is a comment I get a lot where cops come up to me and say, ‘I became a cop because of Superbad.’ That has been said to me on numerous occasions. And when they say that to me, I say, ‘That is f***ed up. You did not understand the movie.”



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