Sequel for Knives Out has Dropped Their Trailer

The film’s all-star ensemble is showcased in the first teaser, which also provides viewers a sneak peek at the latest mystery in the Netflix production. On December 23, Glass Onion will make its Netflix debut. The first trailer for the Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, features Daniel Craig returning to continue solving crimes as Benoit Blanc.

The Plot

This time, it appears like Detective Blanc is taking part in a cruise with a murder-mystery theme that Edward Norton’s character is hosting. Naturally, something goes awry, and at least one island resident is determined to turn the murder mystery into more than just a game.

A Slight Change

While Lionsgate distributed the original Knives Out and it made its theatrical debut. The next two installments of the series, though, were acquired by Netflix last year. Because of this, when the murder mystery debuts this Christmas, it will go directly to streaming.

Make sure you check out that trailer right here!



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