Sequel for Joker Officially Confirmed

Director Todd Phillips has revealed the title of the Joker sequel: Joker: Folie à Deux. Phillips, who directed and co-wrote the original Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix, will return to work on the sequel with co-writer Scott Silver.

Bit of a Tease

Phillips posted a photo of the red letter cover to his Instagram account. There was also a photo of Phoenix reading the screenplay. While narrative specifics are scant, the title may hint at what to expect from the upcoming film.

The Beginning of It

In 2019, the first Joker film was released as a stand-alone feature set outside of any of the main Batman film timeframes. The genesis story follows Arthur Fleck, a lonely Gotham City party clown who is driven to the edge as he transforms into the Joker. Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, both directed by Martin Scorsese, had a big effect on the film.

While a sequel was not originally planned, Warner Bros. apparently signed Phillips to write one, and Phillips stated that he needed time to come up with new ideas. He earlier stated that he would not return for a sequel unless the original film had “some thematic resonance.”