Security Reasons Could Be Why TikTok Gets Pulled from App Stores

There have been several issues highlighted in recent years regarding the platform’s safety and security, particularly with relation to the data it gathers. Everyone is aware of how adept the “For You” page is in recommending highly specialized content to visitors.

The Big Deal

According to ComicBook, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner named Brendan Carr has now sent an open letter to Google and Apple in an effort to have the app removed from their app stores.

A Word of Advice

TikTok records a variety of information, including search and browsing history, keystroke patterns, and biometric identifiers like voiceprints and faceprints, which some experts believe may be used in unrelated facial recognition technology.

In Carr’s letter, he hopes to get to the company asap and resolve whatever problems that may come. A deadline has also been set in hopes that things can run smoothly.

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