Rotten Tomatoes Rating for the Titanic 2 Film is Extremely Poor

The Titanic 2 movie has a seriously low Rotten Tomatoes score, and it’s not the sequel fans were hoping for.

Most people, I believe, are aware of how Titanic ends. The ship plummeted to the bottom of the ocean, much as in real life, and the survivors were forced to leave the scene into the icy waters. It’s not exactly the kind of conclusion that begs for a sequel, but still…

Given Titanic’s terrible conclusion, the only sequel that would actually seem plausible would be a Pixar-style adventure that featured talking marine creatures exploring the ship’s remains. However, Titanic II is not that.

Wait until you’ve read the reviews if you’re jumping for excitement at the thought of having another Titanic narrative to see after already tearing through the movie since it debuted on Netflix on July 1. 

Actually, the movie isn’t a continuation of Jack and Rose’s story; rather, it’s a “mockbuster” of the original movie, which became a worldwide phenomenon when it was released in 1997.

A Disastrous Disaster Movie

Titanic II is a disaster movie that really leans into disaster, far from the intense drama and romance of the first. Another luxurious cruise ship crosses the Atlantic, but this time from New York to Southampton rather than the other way around. It takes place 100 years after the original Titanic’s first trip.

This time, there is a far more dramatic collision with an iceberg rather than a sluggish, unintentional one. The crew receives a tsunami warning as they travel, but the tsunami actually hurls a sizable iceberg right into the ship, injuring several passengers.

The ship’s turbines explode, and a fire starts, making things even worse. Soon, the ship begins to lean into the water, preparing for a fate not unlike that of its forerunner.

Why don’t we look at the ratings if that description isn’t convincing enough? Starting with IMDb, the movie only received a pitiful 1.6 out of 10. The situation only gets worse when we visit Rotten Tomatoes, where the movie has a 15 percent audience approval rating and reviews that show even the favorable ones aren’t so great.

In a manner reminiscent of the previous mockery of Morbius, one user appeared to satirically award the movie five stars, writing: “It was so good I rate it first place tied with Morbius.” One reviewer who was unafraid to express their displeasure wrote: “Where was Jack? I was told he was found in an ice cube. I was here for Leo, not this doody.”

A Glimmer of Hope

Fair enough, there are a few more real four and five-star reviews, and Titanic II does have one positive: its runtime, at one hour and thirty minutes, is less than half that of the first Titanic.

Therefore, Titanic II can be the right choice for you if you’re seeking a shorter maritime voyage. If not, you should probably simply give up.

In conclusion, Titanic II has failed to capture the magic of its predecessor. With its disastrous plot and poor reception from both critics and audiences, the movie falls short of expectations. 

While it may attract viewers looking for a shorter maritime adventure, it pales in comparison to the intense drama and romance that made the original Titanic a worldwide phenomenon. For now, it seems that the Titanic saga should be left to rest at the bottom of the ocean, where its tragic story belongs.



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