Ronda Rousey: The Fighting Champion with a Love for Pokémon

The MMA octagon, bloody fights, and Ronda Rousey’s signature armbar finishing may come to mind when you think of the fighter. A aspect of Ronda that many fans find surprising and endearing, nonetheless, is her unreserved love for the Pokémon series.

The Start of a Pokémon Journey

Rousey was enthralled by the world of Pokémon like any other young person growing up in the 1990s long before she became a household name in the Mixed Martial Arts community. She has described how she devoted a great deal of time to playing Pokémon video games, particularly on her Game Boy, in several interviews and appearances on talk shows. Favorite of hers? The Pokémon Blue. Even Rousey previously made fun of the fact that raising her MMA skills to a level 100 of her Pokémon was easier than practicing for it.

A Passion that Leveled Up

Ronda has remained devoted to Pokémon throughout her life, in contrast to many early passions that wane over time. Her extensive understanding of the Pokémon world has frequently been highlighted in interviews with various media outlets. It is clear that Rousey’s love for the franchise is more than just a passing interest from the fact that she named her favorite Pokémon (Mew) and discussed the fighting tactics she employed. She also frequently combines her love of Pokémon with her career. Her social media is littered with references to Pokémon, memes, and even videos. Rousey was observed joining the crowds in the streets in 2016, at the height of Pokémon GO’s popularity.

In addition to being a game, Rousey sees Pokémon as a nostalgic reminder of her youth and a nice diversion from the demanding worlds of professional fighting and show business. It serves as proof that everyone has interests that give them a sense of purpose and joy, regardless of their age or line of work. As a reminder of the variety of interests and facets that each person possesses, Ronda Rousey’s love for Pokémon is a fitting finale. The fighting champion who has demonstrated power, tenacity, and resolve in the ring also has a soft spot for capturing everyone. Pokémon and MMA aren’t seen as two distinct cultures in Ronda’s words and actions; rather, they are components of what make her special.



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