Resident Evil 4 to Get Remake and Has Release Date Announced

Capcom confirmed a release date for the long-awaited remake of 2005’s legendary Resident Evil 4 during the State of Play conference on June 2. This may be just the news that Resident Evil fans have been waiting for so long and now they have a chance for some rest as well.

Bound to Come

On the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube, the action-adventure game was a huge blockbuster, and it helped to propel third-person shooters ahead. With a well-received version of Resident Evil 2, a more mixed Resident Evil 3, and, of course, a remake of the original game so many years ago, a remake of Resident Evil 4 was a foregone conclusion.

What to Expect

Capcom’s next remake of its renowned zombie franchise, as seen in the trailer, will be released in March 2023. To be precise, March 24, 2023. It’s aimed for PlayStation 5 users.

Make sure you check out its announcement trailer right here!