Reports Say Ezra Miller Met with Warner Bros. For a Chance to Save The Flash Movie

Miller and his agent, Scott Metzger, reportedly apologized for drawing unfavorable attention to The Flash at a meeting with WB film executives Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, according to THR.

Seeing the Error of His Ways

Over the past few weeks, Ezra Miller has been on an apology tour; their most recent visit apparently involved a meeting with the executives of the Warner Bros. film division. In addition, Miller reportedly confirmed their dedication to the film, which had been thought to be in jeopardy due to a flurry of criticism surrounding the actor.

On a Better Path

According to one of THR’s sources, Miller reportedly requested the meeting after rumors that the movie would be scrapped since The Flash is “one of their favorite characters to play.” Miller allegedly expressed regret and reiterated their intention to receiving treatment.

Strong audience test results and Miller’s recent about-face, according to THR, have changed the atmosphere surrounding The Flash at WB Discovery recently. Miller’s issues will still persist even if WB Discovery produces The Flash. In numerous states, the actor is in legal difficulties.



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