Reports Say Cartoon Network to Merge with Warner Bros. Animation

Fresh claims have surfaced indicating that Cartoon Network Studios is poised to see a unique facelift. The studio and Warner Bros. Animation will merge as the parent business of the two continues to reorganize its many departments.

A Business Strategy

Employees were informed of the merger between Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation through a company-wide meme, according to Collider. In a move that Warner Bros. Discovery is calling a “strategic realignment,” the two studios will combine their animation departments.

A Few Changes

This most recent information was released shortly after Warner Bros. Television Group announced another another round of significant layoffs. A total of 82 people were let go by the corporation, and it has been verified that 43 open positions won’t be filled in the near future. Animation was included in these layoffs as well as scripted and unscripted television. Of course, the statement came after Warner Bros. Discovery made a number of controversial decisions about its library of animated films.

The corporation now appears to be integrating its animation studios, although according to recent reports, the consolidation won’t have an effect on the kinds of content the teams had previously produced. Cartoon Network’s art director David DePasquale answered fans’ concerns in light of purported fearmongering and reassured them that the worst-case scenario hasn’t materialized.



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