Reports Claim that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are Set to Return to Their Roles in X-Men

In the upcoming Deadpool 3, fan favorites Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen will return as Charles “Professor X” Xavier and Magneto, respectively. The movie would reunite Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine and Stewart’s Magneto, who last appeared together in 2019’s Logan. Stewart told that he’s been “told to stand by,” but that he knows “nothing more than that, honest.”

A Surprising Headline

Because of actual remarks from Patrick Stewart, we are now more hopeful than ever about this. Stewart revealed that Ian McKellen was very complimentary of his most recent performance as Professor X and that neither of them are “done” with their respective X-Men roles. Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with the adored actor, who is currently promoting the third and final season of the Paramount+ series Picard.

Awaiting the Appearance

Many people view them as the characters’ real big-screen representations, and it appears that fans may now anticipate seeing them in their old roles with enthusiasm. But when might it all go down? That’s a significant question, no doubt, and we don’t have the solution at the moment. Given its already established ties to the X-Men mythology, Deadpool 3 appears to be a reasonable chance for Marvel if we’re talking sooner rather than later.

However, we can’t rule out the idea that the significance of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen reuniting will be saved for one of Marvel’s next blockbuster event films, notably Avengers: Secret Wars. It goes without saying that Marvel fans will be anticipating the fulfillment of this tease while sitting on the edge of their seats all throughout.



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