Reports Claim Elon Musk Planning to Build Private Airport in Texas

According to numerous sources cited by Austonia, Elon Musk intends to construct his own exclusive airport in Texas. Although the precise location and timeline remained uncertain, the local newspaper reported sources who claimed that plans for an airport east of Austin, close to Bastrop, had been confirmed.

A Huge Move

SpaceX and the Boring Company, two of Musk’s businesses, are situated in Texas, and in December, the Tesla headquarters relocated there from Silicon Valley. These operations could be developed and supported by the airport.

A Bit of Planning

In central Texas, Musk and his businesses hold thousands of acres of land, including 2,100 acres for Giga Texas. In recent years, SpaceX and the Boring Company have also been buying land.

The FAA must approve the construction of a private airport and the project must meet the organization’s environmental requirements. Although Bastrop council and its economic development organization informed Insider they were not yet aware of any plans, local laws might also apply. Elon Musk or any of his representatives have yet to make a comment on the situation.