Remake Trailer of Fallout: New Vegas Astounds Fans and Players

We can enjoy this magnificent new fan-made video, produced by TeaserPlay, which dares to speculate how Fallout: New Vegas would appear if it were recreated in Unreal Engine 5. Lumen, Nanite, and Screen Space Ray Tracing are just a few of the brand-new elements that the YouTuber has employed to create something truly unique.

Not Your Typical Game

New Vegas seemed more like a classic RPG, toning back the scale and intensity of its predecessor for a more intimate experience. Fallout 3 by Bethesda is unquestionably a wonderful video game. And with this remake of it, it would make things much better for players and allow them to experience much more moving forward as well.

In The Works

Though there hasn’t been any progress toward an official Fallout: New Vegas remake, it’s important to note that Microsoft has discussed a possible sequel. Recall how Bethesda, Obsidian, and the Fallout IP are now owned by the Xbox company? Well, there have apparently been negotiations about New Vegas 2 according to a reputable source.

Make sure you check out the trailer of it right here!