Release Date And Many More From Elder Scrolls VI Possibly Leaked By An Insider

According to a new source and reports, The Elder Scrolls VI will be set in the Hammerfell region and will contain a sophisticated new political structure in order to make the world feel more alive and real.

Something New But Familiar

Although Bethesda has yet to reveal any concrete facts about the future Elder Scrolls game’s setting, it has previously been rumored that it will take place in Hammerfell.

Making More of An Impact

The Elder Scrolls VI, according to new rumors released on Twitter by a claimed insider known only as SKULLZI, aims to evolve the political structures created in Skyrim. They imply that betrayals are remembered, marriages have significance, and the groups you join have ramifications elsewhere. In other words, your decisions have a significant impact in the game and can change things for way better or even worse.

The Elder Scrolls VI was still in pre-production when it was last heard of, so it’ll be a long time before it comes out. And with these rumors and leaks coming out, it’s enough for fans to get a glimpse of what’s to come for the much awaited Elder Scrolls VI.