Recent News Reveals Elon Musk Secretly Had Twins with “Top Executive”

According to court records, Elon Musk secretly had twins with one of his top staffers weeks before he had a child with Grimes through surrogacy. While this has come out due to recent releases of documents, the birth of Elon’s twins were really kept on a low profile.

The When

According to Insider, the 51-year-old Tesla CEO and Shivon Zilis, 36, the director of operations of Musk’s brain-machine interface business Neuralink, reportedly gave birth to twins in November. Today, nine of his children are known.

A Bit of News

According to court filings, Musk and Zilis petitioned to have the twins’ names changed in April so that they would “have their father’s last name and incorporate their mother’s last name as part of their middle name.”

While it may still come as a shock to few, Elon does have a way with keeping things under wraps. He works mostly on his own pace and might have had plans for his twins once he knew about them. Perhaps an announcement on Twitter would come out from the soon-to-be-trillionaire?



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