Recent Commercial Reveals Sony’s Plan for the PlayStation 4

It has taken some time to enter the PlayStation 5 era. Many games have received cross-gen releases as a result of PS5 console shortages, but now that PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that those shortages are ended, it might soon be time to bid the PS4 farewell. According to a prior rumor, PS4 games may be discontinued by 2025, but a recent trailer suggests that Sony is prepared to phase out the platform as soon as feasible.

An Interesting List

Only eight of the 23 forthcoming games included in a recent trailer are scheduled to be released on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, as Kotaku noted. Though it’s possible that many of the year’s top games won’t get as much play on the PS4 any more.

The Plan Moving Forward

The trailer hinted that a number of games would be coming on the PS4 this year, including Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4, Destiny 2 Lightfall, Tchia, Eternights, Season A Letter to the Future, and the controversial Hogwarts Legacy. Even if this list falls short of the PS5 lineup, it isn’t terrible as we believe Sony has a lot in store for the PS5 and other games to come in, whether they may be remasters or new ones.

With over 117 million copies sold since its debut in 2013, the PlayStation 4 is Sony’s second best-selling gaming console. In addition, it ranks fourth among all-time best-selling consoles, just ahead of Nintendo DS and Game Boy. It was a platform that truly defined a generation and had some iconic game releases as well. Sony appears to be getting ready to discontinue the console shortly, though and with that, perhaps gamers and fans could also ready themselves for what’s to come.



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