Real Life vs Facebook

More times than not, the internet can be used to pull pranks on people or just plain deceive them. Regardless if the prank may be harmless or not, the internet has had its fair share of fooling people with how they look and how they look in real life.

It Almost Looks Like

on facebook vs real life social media | Really funny pictures, Funny memes,  Animal memes

A perfect example would be through Facebook wherein people would look totally different in their pictures as compared when people would actually see the person. This has led to catfishing or even some laughs to some people.

Truth Is

facebook vs real life - Meme by doumams :) Memedroid

What we choose to show people online can totally be different than what we are really feeling or doing in real life. Some people could be showing some sort of façade while others try to show another side of them that people normally won’t see at home or anywhere else.

Regardless of what people show on social media, it would be best to not expect so much out of one person without getting to know them first. This could also save you a lot of time and effort and also strengthen that bond of friendship that you may have.






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