Rare Phenomenon of “Fish Raining From The Sky” Happened in Texas

A rare phenomenon has Texans wondering about how it would be possible for it to rain fish. Although not entirely impossible, animal rain has certainly had a lot of people shocked and in disbelief.

It’s Raining…Fish?

Many Texarkana locals took to social media to post about and share the dead fish that had washed up on the streets and in their backyards. Some people even found it amusing, and some people, however, are concerned about the health and hygiene problems that dead aquatic creatures may cause if cleanup procedures are not completed on time.

Some Weather We’re Having

Places like California and Serbia have had reports of animal rain but these locals were more than surprised when fish started to come down from the skies. While some local cats would be pleased with this kind of pouring, some are still left confused. Although rare for it to happen, this can also be seen as a once in a lifetime event that the locals have taken into consideration.

Make sure you check out the whole video of the “fish rain” here and see if this was some impressive weather.







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