Rare Footage of Deadly Square Waves that you Should Instantly Leave the Water

Rare and extremely dangerous square waves travelling through the ocean have been seen on camera.

What Waves?

Sure, we’ve all witnessed waves. a spherical water body that travels in a straight line, crests, then curls in on itself and crashes back into the ocean?

You don’t need me to explain waves to you, but I just wanted to be perfectly clear that they aren’t always square. However, that does not preclude them from being:

It’s difficult to picture waves travelling at the perpendicular angles necessary to form a square given that we often observe waves moving in a shoreward direction. 

But it does occur, and from above it could appear as though a grid is under the water creating the odd shape.

When weather conditions in the area lead the waves to originate at different angles, the waves actually result from the intersection of two seas.

Scary Waves

Square waves or also known as rogue waves, are abnormally large and steep waves that can occur unexpectedly in open water. 

They can be very dangerous and go by the names cross sea or grid waves. The strange patterns may excite you, but they are typically connected to severe, localized rip tides.

Unlike regular waves, which have a smooth and predictable nature, square waves are characterized by their sudden and extreme height and steepness.

Be Cautious!

If you ever see a square wave, you should get out of the water immediately since they can grow to a height of 10 feet (three meters) and emerge and dissipate in a matter of minutes.

Cross swells can pose a significant danger to maritime activities shipwrecks and boat mishaps because they are so powerful.

The unpredictable nature of square waves makes them particularly hazardous, as they can catch vessels off guard, leading to loss of stability, cargo, and even lives.

Due to their destructive potential, square waves demand utmost caution and preparedness from sailors and maritime operators.

So no matter how good of a swimmer you are, the stronger waves are invariably too powerful to get out of.

The European Space Agency (ESA) asserts that square waves contributed significantly to ship mishaps from 1995 to 1999, despite Surfers Hype’s claim that these square waves “have much-diminished power and are not as scary or as dangerous as everyone thinks.”

On the other hand, the website cautions: “Still, always be careful in the ocean and do not surf in waves if you feel you might be out of your depth.”

Video posted by YouTuber Razvan Fiat depicts the waves crashing while the viewer watched from the safety of the shore.

Before returning to the bigger body of water, the water may be seen producing waves from two separate perspectives.

Cross waves can be seen all over the world, but the Isle of Ré in France is the most well-known location for seeing them.