Quentin Tarantino Claims Best Movie Ever is Jaws

Through the ReelBlend podcast, Quentin Tarantino has recently shared his opinions on a few films. The filmmaker is more of a movie junkie than many other well-known people in the business.

The Big Reveal

In an interview with ReelBlend, the director shared his opinion of the all-time best “flick.” The beloved director Steven Spielberg’s career was launched in 1975 with the release of Jaws.

The Difference

Tarantino obviously has a great deal of respect for the Steven Spielberg film, which most directors would view as an honor. The terms “movie” and “film” are frequently used interchangeably, but Tarantino, a cinephile, sees them as distinct concepts. Although he insisted that he didn’t mean any offense, he tells ReelBlend that Jaws is “exactly the kind of movie he likes.”

Tarantino categorizes “movies” as major blockbuster productions, whilst “films” are more likely to be presented with the Best Picture Oscar. He definitely appreciates what both have to give, yet he separates them.



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