Queen Elizabeth II Passes Away at Age 96

Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled the UK for 70 years, passed away at Balmoral at the age of 96. At her Scottish estate, where she had spent the majority of the summer, she passed away peacefully on Thursday afternoon.

To Name a Few

The Queen saw significant social change after ascending to the throne in 1952. 15 prime ministers served during her time in office, including Ms. Truss, who was born 101 years after Winston Churchill, in 1874. Throughout her rule, she met with her prime minister on a weekly basis.

A Royal Change

For this less reverent era, Elizabeth changed the monarchy by interacting with the populace through walkabouts, royal visits, and attendance at public events. She visited every Commonwealth nation at least once, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to the organization.

A time of sorrow has now begun for the Royal Family. Much of societal life will be suspended in the next days. There will be no official engagements, and all government buildings, military installations, and British posts abroad will fly the union flag at half-mast.