Producers of Wednesday Thinking of Starting Up a Season 2 After Its Success

There is no doubting that the new television series centered on Wednesday Addams, of The Addams Family fame, is sweeping the globe. One of the executive producers of the wildly successful Netflix series Wednesday has hinted that a second season is already being considered.

More to Come

The eight episodes of the dark comedy are spread out, and understandably, many more seasons have been requested. That may very well be in the works, according to Wednesday co-showrunner Miles Millar.

Doing Well

He acknowledges that Wednesday Addams received a lot of attention on the program, and they are eager to see what else may be developed if they delve a bit farther into the family history. According to Millar, who spoke to TV Line, “We felt like we just touched the surface with those characters and the actors are so amazing in those roles.”

The sitcom will not have a second season on Netflix as of now. It would be surprising if they didn’t order another installment, given how popular the content is in countries all over the world.



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