Prey Ends Up Being Greatest Predator Movie

Prey, the eagerly awaited Predator prequel, has received its reviews and is already shattering records. Many people believed it would be difficult to top the suspenseful 80s classic, but Prey, which premiered on Rotten Tomatoes with an astounding 100 percent rating, seems to be pulling all the stops.

Staying Strong

The picture now holds the record for the highest rating in the whole franchise, with a score that has since dipped to 93 percent but is still an exceptionally outstanding achievement.

Talk of the Town

While a lot of people thought this would have the same plot as previous films, the movie sure showed everyone and gave them more things to talk about on a positive note. And while staying strong with its score on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has also amassed a lot of reactions online that keep people talking about it.

Make sure you check out its trailer right here!



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