Pokémon Could Venture Into the World of NFT’s

With new games, goods, and media being regularly launched, the world of Pokémon has always been a fascinating and dynamic one. The series has recently raised the potential of entering the world of NFTs, which has alarmed both fans and collectors.

All the Way

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, which allowed players to acquire and trade digital cards, was what kicked off the whole thing back in 2011. The virtual cards couldn’t be traded or sold outside of the game, and the game could only be played online. In 2021, the Pokémon Company stated that it would collaborate with luxury brand Longchamp to release an NFT line.

Interesting Planning

The Pokémon Company looks to be intensifying its entry into NFTs despite the outcry. It announced the arrival of a new NFT collection in February 2022, produced this time in association with the computer artist BossLogic. Each of the 50 original Pokémon designs in the collection comes in three variations, yielding a total of 150 NFTs. When the collection was made available on the OpenSea platform, it quickly sold out, with some NFTs going for over $100,000.

Although The Pokémon Company has not yet made any more plans for NFTs, it is obvious that the franchise sees promise in this emerging industry. It’s feasible that the Pokémon Company and other video game companies will release more digital items and assets in the future as NFTs’ popularity soars. Conclusion: Despite the controversy surrounding the Pokémon franchise’s entry into NFTs, it is obvious that there is a sizable market for these distinctive digital assets. It will be interesting to see how franchises like Pokémon adapt and innovate to stay relevant in this new terrain as the world of gaming and collectibles continues to change.



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