Pokémon Anime May Be in Serious Trouble

The top trainers from the show are finally pitted against one another in Pokémon Journeys’ concluding act. For the past few weeks, Ash and a number of elite trainers have engaged in competition to determine who will face Leon in the Pokémon World Championship. However, a staff member is now publicly addressing the issue after a noticeable fall in quality caused some fans to doubt Pokémon’s present course.

The Top Issue

The whole affair was brought to light on Twitter when a fan prompted Kurakazu Chiaki to be open about the issues affecting Pokémon Journeys’ production. “We don’t have enough people,” the animation director quickly responded to the fan. So now you are aware if you had any doubts about Pokémon’s production status.

Not Enough PP

You can only imagine how much work is required each week to bring the episodes of Pokémon Journeys to reality as it is a yearly title. No studio has a deeper understanding of the series than OLM, which has assisted in managing it since Ash Ketchum was debuted in the 1990s. OLM appears to lack the human resources necessary to overcome production issues, nevertheless.

Although there isn’t an official explanation for the manufacturing problems with Pokémon just yet, it is obvious that something is going on in the background. It is also uncertain whether the issues will be resolved before Pokémon Scarlet and Violet launch their own anime as the franchise’s new anniversary approaches.



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