PlayStation Fans are Astounded by a Secret Detail on the PS2 Boot Screen

Every now and then, a random bit of trivia makes the rounds online once more, and we get to witness a fresh round of individuals expressing their sincere astonishment as they learn something new.

The Small Details Count

The PlayStation 2 is a superb console full of amusing little hidden features that not everyone is aware of. Some have a lot of history. some less so.

The fact that each person’s version of the PlayStation 2’s iconic startup screen is somewhat different is one of my personal favorite PlayStation 2 facts. This is due to the fact that the blocks on that screen represent the various games that are saved on your memory card, with the height of each block reflecting how frequently you’ve started up each game.

You might already be aware of this, in which case I’m happy for you! However, judging by the recent response to @KirbyCheatFurby’s trending tweet describing the Easter egg, a shocking number of people are still unaware that this is a thing.

In a follow-up tweet, they say, “Okay so 10k+ people didn’t know this, so I definitely don’t feel dumb for not knowing this sooner.” I genuinely felt this was fantastic and wanted to tell everyone who wasn’t already aware of it.

Thousands of PlayStation enthusiasts, both young and old, have expressed amazement at this hidden function, despite the fact that many gamers are, of course, already very aware of this information. Others have correctly noted how fantastic it was to watch this when a machine booted up and that Sony should definitely bring it back for PlayStation 5.

The small details definitely count.