Plastic Officially Gets Banned in Australia

With the introduction of a single-use plastic bag ban across New South Wales on Wednesday, the humble takeaway dinner will forever shift. The new restrictions align NSW with all other Australian states and territories, which have implemented similar policies to decrease plastic consumption.

Despite It All

Takeaway shops told interviewers that the move is possibly both good and bad for all shops, acknowledging that it will be “annoying” despite their enthusiasm for the huge environmental reform.

Some Big Consequences

Businesses that violate the restrictions and continue to distribute plastic bags face steep fines exceeding $250,000. From November 1, a slew of other plastic bans, including takeaway cutlery, containers, stirrers and straws, will be implemented.

Local takeout eateries will have to switch to paper or biodegradable alternatives to plastic bags starting tomorrow, and customers will be encouraged to bring their own. This could be one huge step in the right direction and hopefully a lot would follow suit.