People Claim That the Undervalued 2011 Film Accurately Foresees the State of the World Today

Many people think that a little-known, celebrity-studded movie from 2011 accurately predicts the future and, more especially, the world we live in right now.

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A depiction of today’s world

In Time, which was written and directed by Andrew Niccol, boasts a stellar cast that includes actors like Olivia Wilde, Justin Timberlake, Cillian Murphy, and Amanda Seyfried.

The movie, which was produced more than ten years ago, imagines a time when individuals stop aging at age 25, but are only designed to survive for another year.

Will Salas, played by Timberlake, only has a limited amount of time left to live, but after saving a drunken rich guy from being killed by some thugs, he is given more than a century to live.

He intended to use these years to help his mother, but she passes away before he can intervene.

With only two award nominees—both of which Timberlake was nominated for—the movie has a modest IMDb rating of 6.7/10 and wasn’t exactly a huge hit.

What about the reviews? They speak for themselves, I suppose.

In fact, according to one review: “If not for the weakly written script, stiff acting, and incredibly predictable plot, this could have set a new standard in science fiction.

“The sequences are haphazardly put together and have the feel of remakes of classic films like Bonnie and Clyde, Romeo and Juliet, two against the world, and enemy of the state. All of the scenarios don’t seem particularly creative or well-executed.

However, the YouTube clip continues to attract comments from viewers, indicating that the movie still has a sizable fan base even after all these years.

So much so that many think the story has a deeper meaning and symbolizes what is happening in modern society, where the wealth disparity is wider than ever.

“This movie is grossly underrated,” one enthusiast said. offers a profound lesson for society over time. Everything is excellently represented in this movie, from economics to social inequalities.

Another person added: “This movie is really underestimated and more important than before. Immortality is such an amazing subject.

But the realistic depiction of society, where the wealthy keep growing richer and the poor perish, is what really got my attention.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can purchase or rent In Time on Amazon Prime for £5.99 or rent it for £3.49.



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