People are Shocked to Learn that a Man Plays She-Hulk

Fans were astonished to learn the main character was played by a guy in a crucial sequence because She-Hulk: Attorney at Law prioritized women (the clue is in the title).

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Well, that’s surprising

A grand conclusion that wrapped up Jennifer Walter’s (Tatiana Maslany) origin story and unveiled new developments for the larger MCU marked the end of the series last week.

Without giving anything away, The Incredible Hulk, a TV series that debuted in the 1970s and became a classic before the Marvel Cinematic Universe even began, was honored in the opening sequence of the finale.

She-Hulk was portrayed by influencer and professional bodybuilder Devon Lewis for authenticity, as opposed to employing CGI as is done in many of the scenes during the first season.

We know this because Lewis posted a behind-the-scenes video of himself in full green costume giving his best She-Hulk scowl.

“It’s interesting, I’ve been seeing people upload this She-Hulk TikTok video, but a lot of people still haven’t realized that She-Hulk was played by a male,” he says before the shot.

Lewis also shared a few behind-the-scenes photos (BTS) with the video, in which he was wearing a wig and was completely covered in green paint.

He writes in the comments section, “Yes motherf**kers, that’s me,” and continues, “The body of She-Hulk will never gain any credit, but I was grateful to accomplish it.”

Lewis’ accomplishment was lauded by many, with one person writing: “I told my nephews that when it came out, so I had to show them the TikTok and they were like wow… so thank you for being the representation for POC.”

“I was so hyped when you first posted it, and now every time I watch I’m like I know that body!” exclaimed another.

“I didn’t know,” added a third. “That’s so awesome.”

That is true. While we’re at it, Malia Arrayah Nahinu, a 6’5″ performer who doubled for She-Hulk in several scenes as a stunt double and on-set reference, also merits mention.

The character was brought to life by everyone involved, giving us a fresh plot that will undoubtedly be developed in the larger MCU.



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