People are Shocked by the Misheard Song Lyrics in Mr. Blue Sky

Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky” is one of those upbeat tunes that is played so frequently that you would assume everyone is familiar with the lyrics.

The art, and the artist:

The English rock group The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) was founded in Birmingham in 1970 by multi-instrumentalists and composers Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood, along with drummer Bev Bevan. Their music is distinguished by a fusion of pop, classical arrangements, and futuristic iconography.

Following Wood’s departure from the group in 1972, Lynne took over as the group’s sole leader. She produced each album and oversaw the arrangements, while also writing nearly all of the group’s original songs. Only Lynne, Bevan, and keyboardist Richard Tandy remained with the group during its original run.

Well, that’s shocking

Fans have really misheard one of the song’s closing words for decades, and many are only now becoming aware of it.

Try if you can hear it here:

Since it was initially published in 1977, the popular song—which has previously been named the “happiest song ever”—has had people singing along merrily.

But in the song’s outro, which is a banger by the way, a robotic voice can be heard saying something that sounds ‘Mr. Blue Sky-y’ but is actually giving the listeners instructions.

Because the voice is so distorted and the song is so upbeat, it may have been difficult for some listeners to understand the instruction during their first few listens. This is partially due to their excitement.

So, if not the song’s title, what is that small voice truly saying?

Please flip me over, it genuinely reads. Get ready to be astounded.

It may seem odd to conclude a song in this manner, but when E.L.O initially released “Mr Blue Sky,” it was on vinyl.

The 1970s, ah.

In any case, “Mr Blue Sky” was the last song on the band’s Out of the Blue album’s first side, so listeners had to flip the record over to hear the remaining songs.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you didn’t get it because this line had been the subject of discussion for years.

Fans didn’t really get any answers until 2012, when rock band co-founder Jeff Lynne made an appearance on BBC’s The One Show.

He informed the presenters, putting an end to years of arguments among friends and relatives, “It literally reads ‘Please flip me over’ since it was the conclusion of that side of the CD.

Nevertheless, some fans are still only learning about this misheard line today, and some are finding it difficult to accept it.

One somewhat theatrical admirer remarked after the terrible realization all these years later, “My whole existence is a lie.”

Another said, “I always assumed it was ‘Mr Blue Sky-ie’.”

Oh, we all did, right?

A third, rather arrogant viewer added: “Every time this song plays, I tell someone in the room this. I used to assume it said “Mr Blue Sky-y,” then I discovered the truth when I bought the right glasses.

The next time you hear “Mr. Blue Sky” on the radio, you too can be that arrogant friend who brags about it to everyone in the vicinity.

That is such a blessing.



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