People are Astonished When the Pilot Cancels the Landing Because the Passengers Weren’t Wearing Seatbelts

Because passengers on the flight were not buckled up, the pilot of the passenger plane had to abort the landing.

That’s what we call a true pilot

Once the Scoot airline flight TR285 had safely landed in Singapore after departing from Bali, the local authority boarded the aircraft.

The incident was captured on camera, and clips of the police approaching the board and questioning people were uploaded to TikTok.

However, the TikTok video that Audil Khalid published begins with a message from the pilot asking passengers to buckle up because the previous landing had to be cancelled because people weren’t following the instructions.

The pilot added that if the cabin is unsecure, he is “legally unable to land an airplane.”

The airport police will be involved and take the appropriate action if another approach is missed for the same reason, he continued. “We are currently turning around again for another approach.”

The passengers were advised that the local authority would board the aircraft after it had come to a complete stop when the plane finally landed.

Later, you witness several officers board the aircraft and make their way down the aisle to chat with a few passengers.

As is to be expected, many passengers on the flight recorded the moment the police boarded because we all enjoy a little drama.

The TikToker records footage of a few passengers being questioned by the police after getting off the plane.

A commenter continued, “Why on earth would somebody refuse to buckle up? Seriously!!!!?”

“OMG JUST FASTEN THE BELT! Why is it so hard?” said a second.

A third person added: “This is an extremely wise decision by the tech crew, but I wish the pilot would do such announcements. 17 wonderful years of flying as cabin staff, none do care.”

A comment was given to Must Share News, a Singaporean news website, by a Scoot spokesperson.

It stated: “In the interest of aircraft safety, our Captain terminated the approach into Singapore due to disorderly behavior by a group of passengers, including the refusal to tighten seatbelts during descent.

The involved passengers were led from the airplane by airport authorities for further investigation after the flight safely landed on the second approach at Changi Airport.