People are Already Outraged When M&M’s Releases Its First New Character in Over Ten Years

The “iconic gang” of M&Ms will now include a new permanent figure in addition to the fan favourites from the past.

Red, orange, green, blue, yellow, and brown are colours that we’ve all grown to know and adore. But now Purple has entered the scene.

Purple, the newest “spokescandy” for the company, will join Green and Brown as the third female M&Ms on the roster, although she is the first peanut M&M.

Just a few days after it was revealed, numerous people on social media expressed their distaste of the new character.

Seriously, why can’t M&Ms remain candy as they were intended, a Twitter user said. “Does everything and everyone need to make a statement? Good Lord, spare me.”

What statement is this making, though? It’s just a purple M&M, a second remarked.

A third, however, suggested gaining some perspective: “It’s a candy, get a grip.”

Designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity, Purple is known for her honest self-expression. Keen self-awareness, authenticity, and confidence are the driving elements behind Purple’s charm and quirky nature, according to a statement on Mars, the parent company of M&Ms.

According to Jane Hwang, Global Vice President of Mars Wrigley, “Our new character reminds us to enjoy what makes us different. There are so many aspects of our new spokescandy that people can identify with and admire, including her openness to accept her genuine self.

The launch of our newest M&M’S spokescandy is the next chapter in our purpose story, as the company continues to excite fans with joy in a way that only M&M’S can.

The business shared a brief video for Purple’s brand-new song, “I’m Just Gonna Be Me,” to commemorate the occasion.

With a little assistance from her friends, Purple makes her debut as the newest M&M in the corny video.

The video also includes appearances by dancers Devin Santiago and Colo Cag, saxophonist Grace Kelly, and opera singer Anthony Roth Costanzo. The character is portrayed by comedian and talk show presenter Amber Ruffin.

Mars is adding the song to all significant streaming services and will give $1 (up to $500,000) to “Sing for Hope” for each stream.

A non-profit organization that uses music to “harness the power of the arts to bring hope, connection, and purpose to millions of people around the world” is how the charity is characterized.