Paddy the Baddy Battles 10 Marines, But the Outcome is By No Means Close

Recently, Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett engaged 10 marines, and the outcome was astounding. To believe it, you must see it:

One Vs. Ten

The UFC fighter has recently been keeping himself occupied by training with troops at Camp Pendleton in San Diego while he is between fights.

And as you do, he quickly opted to engage 10 of the skilled fighters at once.

Paddy is best known for his advocacy for mental health and his voracious appetite; the young man frequently admits to enjoying eating binges in between training sessions.

If you weren’t already a fan, you will be after seeing this video because he is an inspirational force to be reckoned with.

Paddy is seen in the video defeating all 10 of the professional fighters that he fights in succession.

The UFC pro literally rolled out of one battle and into another with no rest at all.

It appears that Paddy only had to struggle with one of them before he was able to subdue him.

“UFC vs USMC – Paddy the Baddy Takes On The Marines!” was the caption Paddy used when he uploaded the video to his 667,000 subscribers.

It’s safe to say that his supporters were impressed, with one spectator commenting that Paddy was “a machine” and that his fighting prowess was ridiculous: “To go up against 10 Marines in top physical shape is absurd, and it’s even more amazing that he accomplished that after performing such a hard exercise.”

It’s difficult not to support the man, according to another: “Paddy man is so talented in the ring, but he’s also so goofy and funny you really just want to relate to him.

The fact that he’s such a big advocate for mental health, especially with the stigma that men can’t speak up, he’s really going to help change lives if not already.

The fact that he forced 10 marines to tap back-to-back and they were so grateful to give him their currency says a lot about our corps, a third said, adding that it was a terrible reflection on the marine corps as a whole.

We contend that anyone would look horrible attempting to compete with Paddy, the ultimate machine, but if anyone chooses to try, they have our complete admiration.



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