Orangutan Tries Out Human Shirts and Different Food!

What usually gets the internet pumped is a cute video of animals doing silly things. That can be the case for a lot of animals all over the world. Luckily there are people around to capture the moment and share it the world. This Orangutan does more than a few silly things and might even surprise you

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Now cereal and milk isn’t something you would find in the wild. The orangutan manages to put some corn flakes in the bowl he was given. This implies that the monkey already knows how to start his day right. What makes this interesting is he was able to open up the box and plastic with ease!

Just Chilling

Early on in the video, the monkey figures out how to eat some simple food. As the video continues, the difficulty of each food starts to increase and it can be seen here that he was able to sip a drink from a straw. Those can’t be found in the jungle or forests but it’s like second nature to him!

Make sure you check out the whole video here and see more of what the monkey eats!







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