One of Family Guy’s Jokes Claimed to Go Too Far Says Seth McFarlane

It’s safe to claim that the Family Guy universe has many jokes because it has been around for more than twenty years. Seth MacFarlane, the show’s creator, has now expressed regret about a joke from the first season of Family Guy.

The Punch Line

MacFarlane recalls one joke in particular from the first season of the program in an interview for Krista Smith’s USA Network chat show Out of Character. “There have been jokes that I would have rather we not have done. The JFK Pez Dispenser was something I would probably not do now” he then said.

Explaining the Joke

The JFK joke appeared in the first season of Family Guy back in 1999, for those of you who weren’t old enough to watch it at the time. It featured a youngster displaying his new John F. Kennedy Pez Dispenser as he ran out of a store, but a police sniper immediately shot off the toy’s head.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane also revealed that actor Adrian Brody once “‘got very upset with [him] at a party about a joke’ the show made about him.” MacFarlane isn’t the only one who finds some of the jokes on the show offensive. Even though not all of the jokes are received well, Family Guy has undoubtedly been successful enough to endure throughout the years; the program is presently in its 21st season.



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