Once You See The Beats Logo, The Hidden Message is Laughably Clear

Since Beats is one of the most well-known audio businesses in the world, you’d think by this point we’d be familiar with what the logo represents.

The meaning behind the “B”

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine founded the business back in 2006, and it has since had success with their line of consumer speakers, headphones, and earbuds.

The logo has a pretty straightforward appearance at first look. I believe the “b” refers for Beats.

Indeed, it does.

However, it turns out that that image also contains a very subtly veiled message that has gone overlooked for years.

Everything changed when the TikTok video’s true message was revealed by the digital marketing firm Raising Sails.

If you’re still having trouble seeing it, @raisingsails also added an eye and a mouth to the emblem, allowing us to see the Beats wearer’s side profile more clearly.

It’s challenging to see anything else after you’ve spotted it, am I right?

Many people have been surprised by the secret significance over the years, even those who have worn the headphones for a long period. It has been brought up a few times over the years.

One person said on Twitter that they had never liked the Beats emblem before realizing it was a head with headphones on.

Another person remarked, “I was this age when I realized the Beats logo was a redhead sporting a set of headphones.

“My mind is BLOWN,” a third person chimed in. “It actually just dawned on me that the beats by Dre emblem is a head wearing headphones.”

Many people, like those who only learned the meaning of the Beats logo, are only now realizing what the Amazon logo actually means. One person wrote: “I just realized the arrow under the Amazon logo symbolizes a to z I feel f**king stupid.”

Every day you discover something new, right?



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