Official Trailer for The Flash Movie Finally Released

A new trailer for the DC Comics movie The Flash debuted during Sunday night’s Super Bowl, sparking a lot of discussion online. Michael Keaton will return as the beloved Batman from the 1989 film masterpiece Batman in the upcoming film, while Sasha Calle’s Supergirl will join the DC Universe.

A Bit of Controversy

But the movie’s hero, Ezra Miller, has somewhat tempered some people’s excitement for this summer’s anticipated blockbuster. Following two arrests, numerous allegations of inappropriate behavior ranging from assault and harassment to burglary and grooming minors, they have been at the center of ongoing controversy for the past year. Miller’s actions have caused many fans to be conflicted about whether or not they want to support the movie by purchasing a ticket, while others just want to see a movie they’ve been looking forward to for years. Online discussions on detaching art from the artist and the existence of cancel culture have resulted from all of this.

A Bit More

The trailer appears to have caused some people to reconsider their minds. Some people simply can’t hold their excitement in. While some fans are torn, they are eventually anticipating Supergirl’s debut and Michael Keaton’s comeback. Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Maribel Verd, Antje Traue, and Kiersey Clemons as Iris West are all featured in the cast.

The film’s trailer is its first significant piece of advertising following a number of Miller-related scandals. “The Flash” is anticipated to play a significant part in the development of DC’s on-screen narratives, acting as a reboot before James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Universe strategy.

Make sure you check out the trailer right here!



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