O Yeong-Su Becomes First South Korean to Win Golden Globe and Makes History!

With the recent Korean blockbusters coming out, Squid Game has really left its mark in the industry. With that being said, O Yeong-Su has also left his mark by winning his first Golden Globe and thanks the show for making this great achievement possible.

First for the Nation

The actor has secured a Golden Globe for himself while also securing one for the country of South Korea. It’s been said that this would be the first Golden Globe going to an actor born in South Korea. The show also had multiple nominations thus setting it up for even more success.

Only The Beginning

The show has been a hit since its release and we can only see good things coming for it. Squid Game has claimed the number one spot on Netflix’ top popular charts in over 90 countries. Additionally, it is now the most watched Netflix content of all time and would still be set to break more records or gain even more recognition.

Be sure to check out the video here to know more about how the actor earned the award and what else would come in the near future.







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